Active Fire Fighting Systems performance assessment

Desk analysis and functional tests aimed to ascertain the correct operation of the fire fighting systems, new or existing, in compliance with national and international standards for the industrial plants. The analysis is carried out considering the contemporaneous operation of fire fighting systems that need to be activated for fighting the individual accident scenarios.

This activity is carried out by:

  • Analysis of the maximum demand in terms of fire water / foam solution flow rate, established according to the quantities needed to fight the fire scenario (water spray, foam systems, monitors, hydrants, etc.).
  • Hydraulic calculation aimed to predict and verify the operation of active fire fighting systems by using specialized software (PIPEFLOW Expert v5.12).
  • Investigations on the compliance of the installed systems (materials, components, extinguishers, activation and control systems, etc.), as well as on their state of functionality, maintenance and efficiency.
  • Adequacy checks of the active and passive protection systems in consideration of the predictable accident scenarios, taking into account the organization and training of the plant emergency team.
  • Verification of safe accessibility to the fire fighting systems operating devices by the personnel and planning of intervention strategies during the development of the scenario.

These analysis are also carried out for the purpose of the Asseveration of functionality and effectiveness in the preparation of the documentation for the purposes of compliance with Italian regulations (i.e. Minister Decree 20/08/2012).