Safety Engineering

An innovative mix of standards and risk analysis addressed to prevent accidents and to safely manage anomalous and emergency conditions

Design, verification and compliance procedures for fire protection systems and activities subject to the relevant legislation are just some of the activities for which a qualified group of professionals has gained experience with projects in highly significant companies. The sector is also involved in activities related to the obligations foreseen by the Product, ATEX and PED Directives.

The main services provided are listed in the following:

  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Active and passive fire protection systems design
  • Fire & Gas systems design, location verification & optimisation based on 3D model analysis (F&G mapping)
  • Emergency Plans
  • Audit & Surveys
  • Active Fire Fighting Systems performance assessment
  • Fire and Explosion studies (FERA)
  • Hazardous Area Classification (HAC/ATEX)

Fire Safety engineering

Hazardous Area Classification

Emergency plans

Active & passive fire protection systems

Fire & Explosion studies (FERA)

Performance assessment

Fire & Gas (F&G mapping)

Compliance Survey & Inspections