Environmental engineering

We help companies in their daily life, we support their development and compliance with the environmental regulations and best practices.


The environmental impact assessment and control are a fundamental step for a company to guarantee its sustainable development, but also because they represent a key element of technical and economic competitiveness.

ICARO has established and grown over the years an area dedicated to this field.

The main services provided are:‎

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), according to national legislation and to international recognized standards
  • Integrated Environmental Authorizations implementation and reporting, according to national legislation and to the EU Directive 2010/75/EU
  • Emission Trading System (ETS) implementation and reporting, according to local legislation and ETS Directive
  • Risk assessment and remediation project for polluted industrial sites
  • Modelling of chemical and physical pollutants dispersion‎

The group that operates in this field is made up of environmental engineers and graduates in other scientific disciplines.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Contaminated Sites Remediation

Environmental management

Integrated Environmental Authorization (IEA)

Greenhouse gas emissions

Application of prevision models

Specialist Studies