Company Policy 

for the Protection of Health, Safety and Environment and for Quality

ICARO L.t.d. established in 1985 provides consulting activities for companies and institutions in the field of Protection of Health, Safety and Environment, for the sustainable development of economic and productive activities. The Company work in close cooperation, aiming at achiving an important and a leading position in their sectors, both nationally and internationally.

ICARO L.t.d.:

  • give a primary consideration that every activity provided should contribute to the creation and development of a widespread culture of health, safety, respect for the environment and sustainable development,
  • develop their activities in an integrated vision in which the technological aspects are linked to the human factor, considered as central element for each solution,
  • have qualified resources in the technical, scientific and humanistic disciplines, fostering their collaboration within interdisciplinary groups, oriented towards the overall result.

ICARO L.t.d. consider the implementation of the following lines of action to be essential for achieving their objectives:

  • the study and continuous updating on health, safety and environment (HSE) regulations and their application
  • the compliance with the legal requirements regarding HSE applicable to their activities
  • the constant effort in analyzing and assessing the risks to health, safety and the environment related to their activities
  • the attention to the prevention of accidents, injuries and environmental impacts in the development of their activities
  • the research and the scientific and technical update on issues concerning the protection of safety, environment and sustainable development
  • the research for continuous improvement in the protection of personnel’s health and safety and those access their workplace
  • the research for continuous improvement in the containment of potential environmental effects related to their activities
  • the customer involvement and satisfaction
  • the constant technological innovation
  • the innovative and integrated solutions research
  • the continuous improvement of Quality in the provision of its services
  • the personnel’s empowerment and training
  • the constant verification of their organizational and operational structures
  • the person’s attention, aiming at fostering the development of individual attitudes and skills
  • the constant attention for internal and external communication.

The ICARO L.t.d. Management is formally committed to achieve the defined objectives and to improve the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System of its organization.