Company Policy of ICARO L.t.d. and PEGASO L.t.d.

for the Protection of information

ICARO L.t.d. and PEGASO L.t.d. develop their activities in an integrated vision which the technological aspects are connected to the human factor, considered the key element for each solution.

ICARO ltd and PEGASO ltd use qualified staff in the technical, scientific, humanistic and organizational areas, who collaborates as interdisciplinary groups, to achieve the result. In order to guarantee the security of the information managed in the context of its activities, ICARO L.t.d. and PEGASO L.t.d. consider to achieve the following objectives as fundamental:

  1. Guarantee the confidentiality aiming at carrying out all its activities
  2. Maintain the compliance with the legislative requirements applying to the information security management
  3. Guarantee the availability and integrity of information, through the maintenance and improvement of the efficiency of the systems and equipment used for data management.

ICARO L.t.d. and PEGASO L.t.d. Management  commit to fulfill the objectives defined and to improve in order to achieve the intended purposes.

Cortona 11 february 2015