Our company

We are inspired by enthusiasm and passion

We have multi-disciplinary solutions for technical, organizational, legal, health and safety, environment and quality aspects

We have the experience of over 30 years lived firsthand

Passion is our driving force

ICARO Ltd is a consulting and engineering company located in Cortona (Italy), highly specialized in environmental studies, safety and health risk assessment and management, safety systems supply, technical assistance, capacity building and training, for private companies and for public Authorities (Ministries and Institutional Bodies).

Since its foundation in 1985, ICARO has carried out consultancy activities at national and international levels for important industrial groups, for the main engineering and construction companies, for research institutes and public bodies.

As a result, ICARO now occupies an important and leading position in the national and international consulting market.

We are among the first at the national level, we have been working for more than 20 years in the international field, we avaible of highly qualified and recognized cultural and professional skills, aimed at the sustainability of economic, social and environmental development.

As of September 2023 ICARO has been acquired by TÜV Rheinland Italia.

Both companies are united above all by their common values: integrity, excellence, customer orientation and a commitment to high quality. The extensive range of services offered by ICARO will be further expanded in the future with TÜV Rheinland. Through this integration, we will be able to deliver enhanced value to you, thanks to a wider range of services offered by a globally renowned organization.

Our guiding values

  • Right to employment and respect for the dignity of the person
  • Social integration
  • Overcoming diversity as a reason for exclusion
  • Respect for the historical, cultural and spiritual roots of each person
  • Social responsibility

Human resources

ICARO avails itself of qualified and skilled human resources represented by chemical, environmental and mechanical engineers, physics, chemists, geologists, biologists, including experts in communication, education and specialists in related fields (CAD/GIS, software and computerized graphics modelling).

Moreover, ICARO uses a network of reliable selected consultants for working peaks or for highly specialized studies.

  • Women 31
  • Men 43

Permanent employees January 2024 (part-time presence)


TÜV Rheinland, international leading certification body, performs the following activities:

  • Tests, evaluations, checks, analyzes, measurements, certification, assessments and monitoring of installations, technical installations, equipment and products of all kinds.
  • Technical testing operation of safety and homologation of vehicles and components thereof.
  • Certification of corporate management systems of all kinds.
  • Further, provides training and qualification of personnel.

Since 1997, the Italian subsidiary of the TÜV Rheinland Group guarantees quality and high professionalism in all of the many services it offers.