Training Package

The selected set of training courses (package) is specially designed to supply the attendants with basic knowledge of the Process Safety main driving lines: Hazards and risks analysis and identification and Process safety management and design.

The package focuses on the most prominent, or frequently met, issues of the Process Safety, commonly applied in the design, engineering, realization and operation of hazardous facilities. The package then represents a structured training for conferring to all attendants a more comprehensive understanding of the Process Safety as a whole. Each single course of the package is however designed, structured and prepared in order to be fully independent by the others, so allowing any possible selection, even according to personal needs or preferences.

The direct deep and wide experience supplies a unique value to the training effectiveness, both for the understanding of safety root problems affecting the hazardous facilities and for the relevant wide capability of presenting tailored and customized solutions.

ICARO can provides Customers with front training, case histories discussion, exercises, role playing and other techniques. e-Learning blended training is also available on request.

Teaching Staff

The training courses are prepared and held by master professionals, with a large documented experience, and are basically held in English language, the same language adopted for the materials delivered to attendants.

In each course the teacher will be supported by a national qualified assistant, in order to provide any assistance, for easing as much as possible the interaction with attendants, during the training sessions and exercises, where foreseen.


To whom training is addressed

The natural addressees of the training courses are Plant and  Maintenance Managers, Key HSE Functions, Key Supervisors, Project & Process Managers, Engineers, Instruments & Control Engineers involved in facilities’ HSE management.

The training is intensive and very often is accompanied by exercises, in order to better focus the topics dealt with in the training sessions. Interaction is strongly recommended, so the suggested maximum number of attendants should be limited to 25 persons.

e-learning courses

ICARO provide customers with online courses using a dedicated e-learning web platform wholly developed by PEGASO. 

The courses are designed committed to the specific needs of customers and are fully engineered by internal resources. Our in-house personnel are able to follow all phases of work from beginning to end.

The e-learning platform manages all data relating to learners and allows continuous monitoring and progress during customer training.